Bakalao Stars, Charlotte's hottest and most energetic Latin band. Since 2002 Bakalao Stars has played at Charlotte clubs and helped organize the annual Carlotan Rock Festival of local Latino rock music. Their sound is a mixture of influences and genres that range from reggae to Latin ska and punk rock. Bakalao fuses these rhythms to create catchy melodies, which are performed with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm. Over the years, Bakalao Stars has become Charlotte's most popular Latin band due to their unique style, and their energetic shows.

Cd Releases

-New CD Summer 2018
-Afrodijiak 2014
- Soundcocho 2011
-Peguele al trifasico con azpero sumbein 2007


Charlotte based Latin rock cover band

Dorian Gris



$3 Under 21 Surcharge at Door / 18+ Valid ID required for entry into venue

Accepted forms of ID: State Issued ID or Driver's License, Military ID, Passport.


9:30 Prófugos
10:15 Dorian Gris
11:00 Mofungo
12:00 Bákalao Star


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