35mm Sergio Leone classic ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly would mark the last time that Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone would work together.Though Leone would offer Eastwood a part in his next movie (which Eastwood turned down), Leone would have to learn how to tell his stories without the galactic charismatic star power of Eastwood.

In Once Upon a Time in America, Leone makes the genius decision to have his bad guy (here played startlingly by ‘always the good guy’ Henry Fonda) and leading lady (played with fierce will and grit by Italian superstar Claudia Cardinale) essentially carry the movie. In a way, Once Upon A Time in America is almost a response to the movies Leone had made before them. Whereas the women in his previous movies had only had momentary and fleeting presences, the Women are the story in Once Upon A Time in America.

On top of this, Leone takes all the elements of his style to their most workable extreme. Charles Bronson takes over the Man with No Name duties but has even less dialogue than Eastwood. Henry Fonda takes on the bad guy duties but somehow never loses the power and stoic grace that made us admire him in all his heroic John Ford movies.

We get the cross cutting present to past editing structure of For a Few Dollars More taken to almost Joycean and Proustian extremes of stream-of-consciousness.
And well. . .hell. . .let’s face it. We also get the greatest shoot outs, sequences, and scenes of Leone’s entire career.

Once Upon a Time in America builds to a confrontation and shoot out that becomes almost biblical, easily dwarfing every shoot out Leone had staged up to that point.
It is a moment in cinema that has never been matched since (though many, including Sam Raimi, have tried). Who knows? Maybe Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is trying to best the Old Master one more time. . .
Come join us for the most grandiose opera of Leone’s Western cycle.

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SPECIAL NOTE: This is the inaugural event of a 3 screening residency at the Regent DTLA. The Regent Theater is a vintage 1914 cinema that has been converted into a downtown concert venue but still retains much of its original cinematic magic! We will be able to order drinks, have beers, sit on chairs and couches, on both a ground floor and a balcony. Best of all, we can beat the mid-week blues with a Tuesday screening at a reasonable hour (7p doors open and you can get your first drink; 8p movie starts; you'll be on your way home by 11p). PLEASE NOTE, THESE EVENTS WILL BE FOR PATRONS WHO ARE 21 YEARS+.

As part of Secret Movie Club's commitment to bringing great cinema on FILM in great spaces, we are excited to partner with The Regent for this 3 screening residency. Great movies always go along great with cocktails and beer! We will announce our final 2 screenings in this series the last week of August 2019.

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