Deep Schwa, The Harold Team DIG

Deep Schwa

Deep Schwa, one iO’s most veteran ensembles, has been delighting audiences on Sunday nights for almost 10 years.

From The Onion’s AV Club

“Arguably one of iO’s strongest Harold teams, Deep Schwa boasts a formidable lineup of improvisers: Jeff Griggs (who penned a memoir of his time being Del Close’s errand boy), the tireless Colleen Murray, and the unflappable combo of Brian Jack and Brett Lyons account for less than half of one of the theater’s oldest troupes. As friends of improv enthusiasts everywhere already know, it’s pointless to recount genius improv scenes after the fact, but one of Deep Schwa’s silliest involves the audition process for the part of a lion in an office-themed musical. Yes, it sounds utterly stupid here in print, but at the iO’s Cabaret, it becomes something to discuss at great length afterwards.”

Established August 1996.

The Harold Team DIG

Est. May 2019



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