Eminence Ensemble w/ Jack Cloonan Band, Dog City Disco

Eminence Ensemble

Since 2009, Eminence Ensemble has been building their fan-base through explosive live shows and unique genre-blending. The Colorado-based group infuses elements of Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Metal, Soul/Funk, and Hip-Hop to create intricate compositions, decorated with psychadelic improvisations. The band is comprised of six members: Tanner Bardin [Drums], Nick Baum [Percussion/Lead Vocal], Johnny Bosbyshell [Keyboard/Synth], Zac Flynn [Bass/Synth/Vocals], Taylor Frederick [Guitar/Vocals] & Justin Neely [Guitar/Vocals], making a solid framework for a huge sound and a whirlwind of creativity. Gaining their following first as a live band, Eminence Ensemble learned to capture the crowd with high-energy performances and large-scale production, with a light show just as dynamic as the music. And although they mainly thrive in the Jam Scene, the band is recognized by fans of all genres. Eminence Ensemble has become known for their complex song structures, heavy bass-drops, synchronized guitar-lines, dense vocal-harmonies, and powerful dual-percussion, both on-stage and in-studio. The sextet focuses most on creating a one-of-a-kind show for their followers. Each set list is carefully constructed to capture the vibe of the venue and the energy of the audience. With over 400 shows under their belt, Eminence Ensemble has proven their worth in the scene, playing festival slots at Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Wave Spell, Euphoria, The Werkout, and more.

Dog City Disco

Karate Funk or Bust!

Raised by Yeti's somewhere deep in the Colorado Rockies, the members of Dog City Disco came together through their common love of Karate Funk. Yetis, whom are famously known for inventing music, happen to also be great masters of Karate. They taught Dog City Disco everything they could and more. 20 years of deep study, practice and vision quests have come to unite one of the most entertaining bands of all time. After a steady spell atop the US charts (in Guitar Hero), Dog City Disco now takes their show on the road.

Jack Cloonan Band

Not many bluegrass pickers’ are bred in the south side of Chicago…but there is one. Jack Cloonan emerged from the Windy City fluent in guitar, mandolin, banjo….and any other instrument with strings that can make a crowd dance. There wasn’t much of a bluegrass scene in the depths of the south side so Jack packed up his 1977 "beater" Mustang that his dad gave him and headed west to Colorado. Along that journey, Cloonan took his midwest bluegrass influences and fused them with some up-beat and original, disco-esque jams. Jack Cloonan called his brain-child “Discograss” an up-beat, rock and disco infused style of bluegrass that he would later create a 4-piece band around. Cloonan made a name for himself along with his newly invented genre and was soon invited on stage by bluegrass legends such as Vince Herman, Andy Thorn, Adam Gruel, Marty Sammon and David Grisman to name a few. The Jack Cloonan Band packs a punch with guitar, banjo, mandolin, keyboard and drums. Between Cloonan’s humor, engagement with the crowd, epic attire and of course some badass pickin’ – audiences always leave laughing and with their live-music tanks full!

“A fusion of festival-heavy genres, it’s one part jam-band, one part acoustic funk, and all parts upbeat party.” (DGO Magazine)

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