Heavenly Faded, Toshio, Death by Comfort

Heavenly Faded are an ambient-indie rock band from the streets of NYC established in early 2018. Their sound consists of vibrant harmonies combined with a waterfall of reverb-drenched guitars, all backed by a thunder and lightning rhythm section.

TOSHIO is a neo-noire rock band from Brooklyn writing an imagined anti-hero cowboy film by Quentin Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, and David Lynch.

Born in the Lower East Side DBC was brought together by "Wuji" Hiroxi Morita, the Japanese Jimi. Members include a free floating cast including avante guitarist Onka Davis, former Scissor Sisters drummer Paddy Boom thinking out loud, multi instrumentalist Mark Bannayan, Rene Veron and Fernando Avila sharing guitars, bass and keys with new kid Alden Penner picking up the pieces. We never plan anything and everything is a sonic, spontaneous psychedelic jam.


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