The Chaw

The Chaw is a four piece Psych Rock band from San Francisco, Ca.
The Chaw’s sound is very strong in character. Dark moody sounds, drenched in reverb, referencing soundtracks of the classic spaghetti westerns, big open bar chords and barky low register guitar leads ala Dick Dale, and psychedelic soundscapes, take you on a trip on a dusty trail through a vivid world, full of mystery, and intrigue.

The music is not your typical hodgepodge of genres, a label fitting of the music of many newer bands these days. The Chaw, who have a very strong identity, transport us to a very specific place. Their unwavering style draws the listener in deeper and deeper throughout the record. By not muddling their audience’s palate with superfluous or clashing musical ideas, The Chaw deliver a strong brew, bold and district in flavor.


Caldecott is an organically grown band of working men, creating music based on experiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Each aspect of Caldecott contributes a unique and essential taste in music, which is shaped into something all communities can appreciate. The group takes any opportunity to build beautiful melodies and foot-stomping rhythms not only for themselves, but also for everyone that understands passionate music and good times. Caldecott holds a family dinner every week, and they hope to see you there soon.

Balancing the tightrope between indie and mainstream rock, THE BRUISES embrace incredibly catchy choruses, dueling female vocal harmonies, and a serrated double guitar attack. Tipping their hats to acts such as Lush, That Dog, and Sleater-Kinney, the band has forged a sound that is both unique and timeless.

THE BRUISES were formed in 2001 when Jen Black met acoustic singer-songwriter Aja Blue (yes, those are their real names). Initially hailing from Peoria, IL, the girls started out as a not-so-typical acoustic duo, bringing forth genuine rock energy to their live performances and to their 2002 LP "Last Summer". The two toured relentlessly across the US in support of the album, which garnered critical acclaim from the press and fans alike.

The year 2004 brought much change for THE BRUISES. Aja and Jen ditched the acoustic guitars and went electric, bringing into fruitation the harder-edged sound they'd always envisioned. They moved to Los Angeles, CA, where they showcased their new sound with the EP "Ladies and Gentlemen...." Audiences along the West Coast went wild for the Bruises, and tracks from the EP were featured on MTV's "Parental Control" and the HERE Network's "Dante's Cove".

After a year in LA, Black and Blue relocated to San Francisco, CA where they immediately began packing local clubs with their engaging live show. The Bruises come out with guitars swinging and hands in the air, delivering an intense set that won't soon be forgotten. In late 2006, the band went into the studio with producer Scott Tusa (Scissors For Lefty, Matt Lutz) to lay the groundwork for a full-length record.

Spiral Electric

The Spiral Electric began back in 2009 as a duo, Clay Andrews and Nicolas Percey, getting together every week to play guitars, smoke weed, and drink. That turned into recording and releasing songs, which turned into playing shows-- which they did as a duo, with Nico on lead guitar, Clay on rhythm guitar, keyboard, and vocals, and backing tracks filling in the rest. After one of these shows, Tyler Allen (of OUTLAW) informed the duo that he would be joining on bass, and they were too drunk to argue. After a single show as a trio, Tyler brought Alejandro Galvan onboard to play drums, and within weeks Ale's friend Daniel "Sugar-D" Lorimier joined on keyboards, percussion, and vocals.

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The Chaw with Caldecott, The Bruises, Spiral Electric, and special guest DJ Duke of Windsor

Thursday, January 17 · Doors 8:00 PM / Show 8:30 PM at The New Parish