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If you're a fan of satirical indie hip-hop, prophetic-poetic talk music (or "Nerd rap" to use the language of its originator, Tennessee-based Nathan Conrad), then Spoken Nerd is the man. In fact, even if you don't like these styles or don't think you like these styles, Spoken Nerd (Nathan Conrad) deserves your listening attention! And even if you don't normally care to hip-hop, this witty and powerful spiritual communicator should be investigated. - Steve Hayes

Darko The Super

Darko The Super is the doofus in charge over at U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art, a record label specializing in the unexpected. Darko has spent his illustrious career as a hip hop superhero. Hailing from the city of brotherly love, he formed such duos as The Hell Hole Store with ialive, and Desperate Band Appreciation Society with Harvey Cliff MC. Through the years he’s worked with some of independent music’s brightest stars and even is known to hang out at fashion week in his outfits from Big & Tall. With an increasingly rising 50 some odd albums under his belt, he is truly a bonafide prolific rap weirdo. Heralded as Philly’s avant-garde king, Darko The Super is an unstoppable force making other artists of today look plain lazy.


Bedroom pop for freaks.



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