Miami Horror

The Australian electro dance group Miami Horror returns for their fourth release, The Shapes. The Shapes is a consistent conceptual release that focuses on the amalgamation between music and visual art. The sound is percussive and colourful, the visuals playful and bold. While Miami Horror are usually known for their diverse sound and eclectic mix of influences, The Shapes is the freedom to focus on one specific musical direction, existing as a standalone, conceptual release.

Influences range from the art pop and lyrical wit of Talking Heads to the Caribbean Kid Creole and a brief nod to African music. In a modern sense, it ties in with a brewing underground scene of Australian acts like Cut Copy, Total Giovanni, Broadway Sounds & Confidence Man.

Visually, the themes compliment the rhythmic and percussive sounds of the project, focusing on the use of bold shapes, hand drawn lines and color. "I've always been a fan of colorful art and murals, especially those from the late '80s and early '90s," says the band's producer, Ben Plant. "As a child, they excited and inspired me every time I passed them. This left a lasting effect on me into adulthood, a lust for color and the extraordinary amongst the mundane colors of suburbia or the greyness of Melbourne city." The Shapes is a collection of art that aims to break the mould and put some color back into daily life.

Obsessed with 70s fashion, 80s synths, and 90s culture - argonaut&wasp are a quirky amalgamation of indie vibes, alternative edge, electro dance and funk grooves whose music has been described as the perfect soundtrack to NYC. Headed by Theo and Trey, the band plays live as a four piece, combining raw energy with electronic soundscapes and kaleidoscopic projections in their performances.



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