Dreamboat, Chelsea Holmes, The Harold Team Mothership


Dreamboat is a LGBTQIA+ focused show, highlighting some of the talented iO performers that are also members of the queer community. This weekly show has an iO Harold team and solo performer (drag, standup, music, etc.) open, and culminates in an improv set from Dreamboat, a team exclusively made up of queer-identifying iO performers.

Starring: Cat Abood, Elizabeth Andrews, Becca Barish, Jane Brown, Jessie Cadle, Rayna Caskey, Gaby Dixon, Deb Duncan, Scott Egleston, George Elrod, Ashley Girard, Nate Gold, Chrissy Hartzell, Chelsea Holmes, L Heijl, Caitlin Hollis, Kathleen Kinlin, Peyton Lynch, Dave Lyzenga, Amelia Marks, Derek Martz, Riley Mondragon, Matt Myers, Hailey Palmer, Laurel Zoff Pelton, Shelby Plummer, Hannah Rehak, Damon Royster, Peyton Robbins, Cassie Schaeffer, Nina Slesinger, Emma Smith, Rachel Smith, Jordan Stafford, Cody Sullivan, Mary Tilden, Brendan Tran, Erin Uttich, Meredith Weir and Garrett Williams

The Harold Team Mothership

"Mothership" is an iO Chicago improv ensemble that performs iO’s signature form, “The Harold”.

Established July 2017.



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The Chris Farley Cabaret at iO Chicago

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