MARCUS REZAK, The Great Divide (A Phish Tribute)


Marcus Rezak is a recording artist, touring musician, session guitarist, and music theorist. As a lead guitarist, Marcus carves out a distinguished style in the world of guitar with several well-known cutting edge groups including Katharsis, Shred is Dead, FrankenZaps Monster, Digital Tape Machine, Stratosphere All-Stars, and as an artist-at-large. He has performed at some of the most elite music festivals across the globe in various genres. Known as a master of jazz improvisation and the art of the sit-in, Marcus is a frequent call among bands and musicians carving out his unique niche in the performance world. Having a commanding stage presence, Marcus takes the euphoric freedom of live music and directs its path into a unique approach, as if every jam is a live recording session. By keeping exceptionally comprehensive mental notes on what works, what doesn't, and how to improve is what has led Marcus to respect in the music world and to such integral heights.

The Great Divide (A Phish Tribute)

The Great Divide consists of four Los Angeles musicians performing the music of Phish. Pulling from Phish's entire career, The Great Divide creates original setlists embodying the spirit of live Phish shows while leaving room for new exploration. Phans can expect to hear favorites from every period of the band's career accompanied by a great light show. The Great Divide will chase down every Antelope, explore every Cavern, and leave no Stash un-dangled as they pay tribute to this extraordinary band. Taboot taboot!

$15.00 - $20.00


  • The Great Divide (A Phish Tribute)
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