Welcome Home, Vito, Nelle Rose, Andi Kay, Allie Armstrong

Welcome Home, Vito

Kei Pham (aka Welcome Home, Vito) is an interdisciplinary artist from Murrieta, CA currently based in Los Angeles. Recognized for his rapturous voice and meditational lyrics, his work threads together chamber music, folk, electronica, and trip hop seamlessly into an emotionally ever-expanding sonic universe.

Discouraged by a lack of like-minded artists and collaborators in his hometown of Murrieta, Kei began to learn how to produce, write and record music on his own under the artist moniker Welcome Home, Vito in 2016. After 3 years of learning and experimenting with finding his voice, musically and in his personal life, In Search of Autonomy was self-released on May 3rd, 2019, a couple months after moving to Los Angeles to further his music career. Always open to changes and defined by constant aching for balance and understanding, his music is best understood from an in-between space where boundaries are constructed mindfully and with reverence and respect to the present moment.

Nelle Rose is a Singer/Songwriter who was born in Mount Vernon, NY and raised in Freehold, NJ. At the tender age of five, under the direction of her mother, she began her musical journey by singing in the choir. Influenced by the likes of Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and more, she set out to add her name to a group of artists who march to the beat of their own drums. She has adopted a “now or never” mindset: living to fulfill her purpose of touching the world with her gift.
Nelle Rose released her Debut EP Fool for Love in 2017, chronicling the ebbs and flows of a relationship fallen apart. Inspired by personal stories, Nelle Rose paints portraits of anticipation, doubt, hurt, and hope with her blend of R&B, Soul, and Pop inspired records. Working with a slew of talented writers, producers, and instrumentalists, Nelle Rose hopes to offer listeners a transparent body of work that is identifiable across all demographics.
In early 2018, she faced many health challenges that impacted her voice. Upon her full recovery, she decided give up her possessions and relocate to Los Angeles to further pursue her dreams. As she works on her new project, she invites you follow her journey and embrace her story through song. This is only the beginning for this rising star, as her trial and tribulations have only made her stronger.

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Andi Kay first entered the music scene with her release of her debut single “Uninvited” in the Fall of 2018. Born in the small town of Norton, Ohio, she grew up with love of music from a young age and wrote her first song at the age of eight. Since then she has been developing her craft, and creating a sound and style for herself. A self taught pianist and vocalist, she has been entrenched in music throughout her life. Since her first release in 2018 she has been working on her upcoming EP which is scheduled to come out this fall.

Allie Armstrong

Allie was born and raised in Texas to a musical family. She grew from the influences of her grandfather, a jazz pianist, and her uncle, a band director and multi-instrumentalist. She received theatrical training from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and musical training from Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied songwriting and vocal performance. Allie has leant vocals to bands in Austin, Dallas, Boston and Brooklyn, performed for KXT and SXSW, and has gigged as a solo artist since 2014. For the past two years she has been in and out of artist-in-residence programs, developing what has come to be her debut EP. She is newly based in Los Angeles.

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  • Andi Kay - 7:45
  • Nelle Rose - 8:30
  • Welcome Home Vito - 9:15
  • Allie Armstrong - 10:20


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