Polish black/doom metal band formed by Krzysztof Drabikowski. The live line-up contains up to eight members.

Pronounced "Batjushka", the band's Cyrillic name Батюшка means "father" and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. Despite their themes and imagery, they are not a Christian band.

In December 2018 Drabikowski announced that he had fired Krysiuk from the band for trying to 'steal' Batushka away from him. Shortly afterwards, Krysiuk announced that it was Drabikowski who was fired. As of 2019, two versions of Batushka exist: this one fronted by founding member Drabikowski, and another one fronted by Krysiuk.
Drabikowski's Batushka released their second album "Панихида" in May 2019. Krysiuk's Batushka will release an album in July 2019 via Metal Blade Records.

IMPORTANT: This artist profile features URLs to websites operated by both bands.
The URLs of Krysiuk's version of Batushka need to be removed once their album has been released!

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