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Joy Downer

Joy Downer—the moniker for local duo (and live three-piece) as well as the legal name of the band’s frontwoman—has been busy. If you follow them on Soundcloud, you may have noticed that new covers and demos appeared quietly on their page in the past week. It is only the tip of the iceberg.
We’ve known since “Caught in Your Spell” that Joy Downer values travel. In that track, she sings of all the places she and her partner have visited before admitting she would rest only when she found him. They even penned another track on their EP that focused on the journey, making their way through storms and hobbit country. With their new cover of “I’ve Been Everywhere,” the band solidifies themselves as filled with wanderlust. Their take on Johnny Cash is an accomplished translation to their bubbly indie pop sound, and the same could be said of their treatment of the Elvis classic, “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”
But the real news is their recently revealed demos, including “Good Bad” and “(Not Meant) For Me.” While there is plenty of space for future mastered versions to fill in gaps of production, these tracks show a new direction of songwriting. Or, rather, they take the same approach and prove that they haven’t deteriorated in the time they’ve been away. If anything, they are becoming more ambitious; anticipation for the final masters is mounting.




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