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Speed the Plough is a New Jersey-based chamber pop/indie rock band that has been playing since 1984. The band rose out of the ashes of The Trypes, a mainstay of the early 80's Hoboken scene, which included most members of The Feelies, many of whom continued with STP through that band's first decade.

Speed the Plough has released 8 full-length albums (on Coyote/Twin-Tone, East Side Digital, and Bar-None Records), a limited edition single on the French label Acetone, and a self-released EP. They have had songs featured in two independent films, Strangest Dreams (1990) and Paradise Park (1993). Their 2013 release, ""The Plough & The Stars"" (Bar-None) is a 30 year retrospective of the band. Their seventh album – ""Now"" – marked the relaunch of ground-breaking label Coyote Records in early 2016. And their eighth album, “…And Then,” was released in 2018.

The current lineup features founding members John Baumgartner (keyboards and vocals) and Toni Baumgartner (woodwinds and vocals), and Ed Seifert (guitars and vocals), Michael Baumgartner (guitar and vocals), James Payne (bass), and Dave Weckerman (The Feelies/Yung Wu - drums).

As the NY Times described them: “...this is no rarefied art music. It’s a garage-band sort of minimalism, with welters of electric guitar sounds and feedback accelerating madly into crashing crescendos, only to subside and begin building again.”"

Founding members Jan Erik Tesdal (drums) and Robert Goldsmith (bass) met in a studio during a commercial production which called for filming “trained” animals. Robert was supposed to film a snake slithering through the grass. This proved impossible as the snake refused to move.
Robert reproached Erik, the animal’s handler, “Your snake is totally untrainable!”
“All snakes are untrainable, “ Erik replied, “That’s why I became a snake handler.” Robert knew Erik was onto something, so they hooked up.
Mark Goetz (guitar, vocals) didn’t think he had a chance to be chosen, but he trieanswered the ad for “band looking for singer-guitarist with the worst job in the world.”
According to Erik, “He was only an end preparation pipe welder for Jeep door frames, so he didn’t have nearly the worst job, but he was the best singer.”
Due to their tainted backgrounds, and life’s paradoxes, peaks and valleys are found in the songs of Benchmarker. Over Erik’s inventive, pounding backbeats and Robert’s curious, counter-rhythmic basslines, Mark has fashioned melodies at once sad and happy, restless and peaceful. Add a dose of guitar, mostly harsh and unforgiving with just a touch of sweetness, and you’ve reached the Benchmarker.


CitizenSane -- New Sounds from the Old School. We are an original rock band with a unique blend of rock, blues, jazz, and folk that ends up like sonic retro soup that nurtures your soul. We make no particular "statement" except that music is best live and shared honestly with no frills, way down in the retro groove that scratches and snarls like vinyl but soars and inspires like only relevant music can.

Area NYC

"New York City… We love it, we hate it.

The insane pace, the crowds, the garbage, the rats … sure, but it also has its down side. Try living where there’s no going to the deli at 3 a.m. with food from every country. Where there are no buildings, lush parks, dirt and grime, wide avenues or music, yeah music.

It is the framework that spawned Area NYC. Songs that flow with the city and its unique outlook and rhythmic grooves of community, belonging and striving.

Jamie Carse, Alex Goldelman, Neil Jacobson, and Ivan Mantilla tap the pulse of Manhattan, its sense of humor, its passion, its pain, and its pleasures. We won’t sell you New York City, or sell you the band. Just take a listen and come along on the ride. Be sure to keep your hands inside the car."

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