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New York hip-hop artist Small Boss aka The Don, or Small Boss The Don, became obsessed with music at an early age. By the age of 7, he had begun freestyling and writing his own lyrics.

Starting in 2010, Small Boss released 10 musical efforts. Adding two new installments to his catalogue in 2018, self-titled EP "Small Boss"as his 11th body of work, and New Single - I Been Told.

Since his debut, SB has hand-carved his path in the industry as he continues to improve his craft and create the music he loves. In an age where hip-hop is rapidly changing Small Boss The Don is continuously chasing his dream of becoming rap music's new "Top-Gun".

Kwaku Sarpong Adu-Gyamfi (Born March 15, 1994), is a Ghanaian-American rapper, singer, song-writer, record producer, and dancer. At a young age, Kwaku, also known as Q, was inspired by the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. After falling in love with dance, he soon became a local sensation, performing at talent shows and competitions with his natural break dancing style. Eventually, his undying passion for music led him to teach himself how to sing, rap, and write. With encouragement from friends and family, his popularity began to rise, giving birth to the QCREW.

Born in Newton, Massachusetts, Kwaku spent the majority of his childhood moving from town to town as well as out of state & country. Luckily, his passion for music & dance connected him with people where ever he went which forced him to grow & adapt. From dancer to recording artist, he refuses to be restricted. With catchy songs and a versatile sound, Kwaku allows his honest storytelling to share not only his stories, but those looking for a voice. Fusing his unique background with his creativity, originality, and strong songwriting ability, he is well on his way to making a big impact in the entertainment world.

Repping Beantown and Queens, NY, St.John's University alum, KWAKU, will soon be a household name.

LYKMYNDYD is a hip-hop duo from NYC made up of artist/producers yocomet and W!LDCARD. The collaboration began with simple freestyle rap sessions in college and has expanded into self-written/produced tracks with witty lyrics, catchy hooks, and an energy that will light up the room.

yocomet’s passion for comedy and knowledge of pop culture can be evidenced in his smooth flow and punchy lyrics.

W!LDCARD's fun, witty lyricism combined with his energetic, heartfelt delivery always makes for an entertaining performance.

With their vast and engaged presence on Instagram, they have gotten the opportunity to communicate and work with talented up-and-coming artists from all around the world. From posting improvised freestyles over today’s most hype beats to discussing hip-hop with their community, these two gents are taking the underground by storm with their charisma and love for the culture.

To stay up to date on all things LYKMYNDYD, follow them on ALL social media, streaming platforms, and YouTube @lykmyndyd.

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