The Holycuts present Hot Pressed Nights! (An old fashioned showcase of Echo Park's finest new music for the kids)

The HolyCuts (Single Release)

The HOLYCUTS are a four piece alternative rock band coming out of Echo Park, CA. With influences ranging as wide as Patsy Cline and Black Flag The HOLYCUTS strive to create music that is melodic one moment and destructive the next. The duality of both Leila Perry and William Nicol's singing and songwriting give the band a unique and dynamic sound.

VS Colour (Echo Park, LA) fuse different styles ranging from Hip Hop to Rock bottom. Formed in 2012; the band consists of singer/instrumentalist Joe Bates, guitarist Alex Belmonte, bassist Wolfgang Woodcock and drummer Ivan Wayman.

FACIAL (Single Release)

FACIAL makes the noise that cuts like a chainsaw through the thick buildup of residue in your mind, left behind by years of dealing with the dull banality of life.
They take the dead parts of your brain killed by mundane repetition and blasts it away with a pressure hose, while the low end rattles all the barnacles off your body and pounds you the way you are always afraid to ask for. Sweet melodies interchange with primal screaming as you fluctuate between comfort and discomfort, horror and jubilation, familiarity and utter confusion.

FACIAL aren’t always making sense. In fact, they have been known to not make sense at all. It makes perfect sense considering the difficulty of true communication. This is due to the subjective nature of reality, lack of attention due to mass distraction, and the fact that anything anybody does can be taken out of context and framed to be perceived in any which way you want! These are just a few factors, so imagine trying to boil down a live, complex organism, such as a band, to a concise couple of paragraphs, using words! what a difficult task!

Who wants to read anyways! What could somebody read about a band that would even peak their interest? A cute story? Their musical references and antecedents? Perhaps some affiliation with a more well-known artist? Maybe we are completely bored with words now and they have lost all actual meaning, and only the right combination of emojis will titillate interest anymore?
If FACIAL were to be represented only by emojis, it would probably be: The guy with sunglasses on, Upside-down smiley guy, and The guy with x’s for eyes. bored to death.

Sherman Jenkins (Album Release)

Sherman Jenkins is an art project based in Los Angeles, this is the release of his first record "Champagne For The Mailman."

Pete Wilde (Single Release)

Pete Wilde a force to be reckoned with, he is the savior of rock ’n’ roll, nailed to a Fender. From Sister Rosetta Tharpe to Jimi Hendrix, Pete Wilde is the latest heir to the royal bloodline of Black Kings and Queens of Rock ’N’ Roll. Pete has been featured in the LA Times, Afropunk, Grungecake, The Big Takeover, and countless other music publications.

$7 Advance / $10 Day of Show


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