A fundraiser for Turn It Up! with Alice Bag, Abby Travis, Phranc & more!

Turn It Up!

TURN IT UP! is a collective of women working towards gender parity in music. They advocate for equal airplay, media coverage, and industry employment of groups historically and structurally excluded from the business and institutions of music-making. Their members include musicians, DJs, journalists, and scholars. Turn It Up! hosted their first event, a private mixer, in January 2019. In June they launched the Turn It Up! Hall of Fame, an inclusive tribute to game-changing musical artists. The Echoplex show will raise money for their educational and advocacy work. For more information about Turn It Up!, including their femifesto, visit www.turnitup.team.

Alice Bag is a singer/songwriter, musician, author, artist, educator and feminist. She was the lead singer and co-founder of the Bags, one of the first punk bands to form in the mid-1970s in Los Angeles. She was featured in the seminal documentary on punk rock The Decline of Western Civilization and went on to perform in other groundbreaking bands, including Castration Squad, Cholita, and Las Tres. She has published two books, including the critically acclaimed memoir Violence Girl and the self-published Pipe Bomb For the Soul, based on her experiences in post-revolutionary Nicaragua. Her influence on popular music is highlighted in the Smithsonian exhibit American Sabor. Alice’s debut solo album features all original material written by Bag and includes performances by some of her favorite LA-based musicians.

Adele Bertei

Adele Bertei’s first band was in Cleveland with legendary rocker and founder of Pere Ubu Peter Laughner. She moved to New York and joined the original Contortions on keyboards (with James Chance), was lead singer of the first OUT lesbian band the Bloods, opened for The Clash, and went on to have hits with Thomas Dolby (“Hyperactive!”), Jellybean Benitez (“Just a Mirage”) and many others. She’s toured with Lydia Lunch and Tears for Fears, and also appeared as lead singer of the Anubian Lights on the LP Phantascope.

Abby Travis (Sumo Princess)

As the queen of thump, the goddess of thunder, the sista of 60Hz, Abby Travis has played with the Go-Go’s, KMFDM, Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, The Bangles, Beck, Elastica and, yes, even Cher. After building herself quite the 30-year career as the go-to badass session/touring bassist in town, she’s now fronting her latest revelation, Sumo Princess, with Gene Troutman.

Lisa Kekaula (Bellrays)

Lisa Kekaula is the lead singer of American "rock 'n' soul" band The Bellrays. Lisa has also featured on two singles by British house music duo Basement Jaxx.

Nina Diaz (Girl In a Coma)

Nina Diaz was co-founder and frontperson of the Texas band Girl in a Coma, who recorded four albums for Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records. She released her solo debut, The Beat Is Dead, in 2016.

Drew Arriola Sands (TrapGirl)

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Drew Arriola Sands is at the center of the new wave of queercore. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Drew came out as trans in 2014 and formed the hardcore punk band Trap Girl that same year. Drew has also explored many genres outside of the hardcore scene -- like joining San Francisco-based metal band Commando (led by ex-Tribe 8 singer Lynn Breedlove) and forming folk country band Andrea Dangerfield in 2018. Arriola-Sands is also the founder of Transgress Fest, a yearly festival bringing together and celebrating trans musicians and bands from California and around the country.

Kristine Nevrose (The Tissues)

Kristine Nevrose, vocalist from The Tissues, was raised in Downey, California. Currently a nurse practitioner/nursing educator, she is working on her doctorate in nursing. She started as the synth player in Flaamingos with Jerry Narrows, and later formed The Tissues with Jerry as the guitarist. Influences include Flux of Pink Indians, Crass, Beach House, The Screamers, The Cramps and The Stooges. She continues to play music while educating her nursing students and preventing diseases in the medical community. Photo Credit: Deb Frazin

Tosha Jones

Tosha Jones took a leap of faith and followed her dream to be a professional drummer by boarding her first plane ride ever to join the punk-pop band, The Randies. She was selected to replace their lost drummer for the Vans Warped Tour in 2008. The Indiana native has now become a transplant, and a breath of fresh air, in the Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County, and San Diego music scene.

Sharon Needles (Betty Blowtorch)

The original Sharon Needles has played guitar for the Lovedolls, Betty Blowtorch, and Hell’s Belles.

Gere Fennelly (Redd Kross)

Gere Fennelly is a classically trained pianist who has spent equal parts of her career as rock star, cult phenomenon, church organist, studio musician, composer and piano teacher. She has played with Redd Kross, Kathy Valentine’s the Bluebonnets, ROX, the White Trash Debutantes, Joey Ramone, Weezer, and many more. Known as “her generation’s Liberace,’ her style, “fabulous” vibe and world-class keyboard skills have made her one of LA’s most sought after music teachers, studio musicians and production music composers.

Phranc introduces herself as “the All-American Jewish Lesbian Folksinger.” Also a visual artist, she has adopted the moniker “The Cardboard Cobbler.” As a teenager Phranc attended The Feminist Studio Workshop at the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles, California, where she focused on songwriting and silk-screening. In the late 1970’s Phranc was a member of the bands Nervous Gender and Catholic Discipline in the L.A. punk rock scene. She has released five albums of original music on Rhino Records, Island Records, Kill Rock Stars, her own label Phancy Records, and toured internationally with many acclaimed and notorious artists including The Smiths, Violent Femmes, The Pogues, and Morrissey.

The Groans

The Groans have been described as a "personal/political punk 3-piece with super poignant and inspiring songs."

Solvej Schou

Born and raised in Hollywood, Solvej Schou is a Pasadena, CA-based writer, singer, songwriter and guitarist whose fierce 2019 album Quiet For Too Long was named an album of the week by LA Weekly. She’s interviewed legends such as Aretha Franklin, Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith, and contributed essays on Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Sharon Jones to the 2018 anthology Women Who Rock: Bessie to Beyoncé. Girl Groups to Riot Grrrl.



DJ Mukta


$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show


Turn It Up!, a new group advocating for gender parity in music, is hosting its first public event July 21 from 2 to 6 p.m. at The Echoplex, 1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles. The concert brings together a diverse group of female artists, including Solvej Schou, Phranc, and The Groans as well as The Turn It Up! House Band featuring bassist Abby Travis (Sumo Princess), drummer Tosha Jones (the Randies), bassist Gere Fennelly (Redd Kross), and guitarists Blare Bitch & Sharon Needles (both from Betty Blowtorch) with vocalists Lisa Kekaula (Bellrays), Nina Diaz (Girl in a Coma), Drew Arriola Sands (TrapGirl), Kristine Nevrose (the Tissues), Alice Bag, Adele Bertei, and Abby Travis. DJs diA and Mukta Mohan will woman the turntables. Valecia Phillips of KPFK’s Feminist Magazine Radio hosts.

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