A mysterious figure has usurped the throne of the Great King... the lands are in turmoil and people are dying. A plague has spread across the lands, from ocean to ocean... but there is still hope!
Four Heroes, accompanied by an immortal spirit, are on a journey to kill the usurper, end the plague, and save the land. They come from the four corners of Great Gaia's green world:
The Dragon, a fearsome rogue, a legend of his time, he slayed the Grand elder Dragon of the Great Desert bringing a permanent end to the age of fire.
The Warrior, his family was killed in the first siege of the Doomed. Mortally wounded, he dragged himself into the magickal ancient Forest where he was blessed by the Dryad of the Elder Wood to become the protector of the natural world.
The Wizard, an elderly wiseman, a reclusive intellectual known by no name, who wields the power to bend reality. He has witnessed mountains crumble, and Oceans dry. He has seen the Apprentice become the Adversary
The Phoenix, an undying madman, his origin and purpose shrouded in mystery. He has dwelled where the mountain tops meet the moon, and flown to where the sea meets the Sky.
The Wraith, an aeons-old inter-dimensional immortal spirit, whose purpose is to bring about and maintain balance between all realities. He resides within the Æther, observing all of times most crucial events.
The Wizzerd, the evil ruler who has usurped the throne from its rightful king. He is the mastermind behind the devastating plague known as "The Doom." His lust for power, driven by Kæos, has lead him to use his powerful crystal talisman to rob the people of the world of their souls, giving him magickal power beyond comprehension.

Sugar Skulls & Marigolds

Sugar Skulls & Marigolds are a high-energy instrumental atmospheric post metal band from Denver Colorado. Brothers Danny and Andrew Aranow write complex, colorful, heavy songs with face melting catchy guitar riffs and crushing drums.

As a two-piece, we try and push as much sound live as we possibly can, says guitarist Danny Aranow. I use a ton of effects, 2 guitar amps and a bass amp. Andrew (drums) writes the most intense drumbeats that is just as much fun to watch as to listen.

In 2015, “The Coked Out Bunnies EP” was released on cassette tape and toured the NW.

2016 the band signed with Sailor Records with the release of "Blood Moon" on 7" vinyl

This band is about creating intricate and interesting music, while beating their instruments like banshees. The raw energy of the live set is captivating and the sound is MASSIVE!

Future Perfect

Down-tuned heavyish catchy stuff.


Mothraship formed in 2015 as a quintet, and released their debut self titled EP in 2016. Through all trial and tribulations of band life, this Denver quartet rides on and plans to release their sophomore effort 'Smother Earth' independently in 2019.
Musically, the band combines progressive compositions, psychedelic soundscapes, desert rock riffery, and rollercoaster ride dynamics for a truly unique rock and roll experience.



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