MAX BEMIS (of Say Anything)

Say Anything was basically Max Bemis and whoever he recruited to collaborate with him on his utterly self-aware punk songs between the years of 2000-2018. They toured a bit too much and lost their minds and thus ended their initial tenure as a band upon the release of their LP OLIVER APPROPRIATE. However, Max will be playing those songs for the first time, without his jarringly loud band, on this fall/winter solo tour, as well as favorites from throughout his career.

Perma is, simply, Sherri and Max Bemis.
They are married and like to sing together.

I asked Kory Urban, our bassist, how I should open this bio, and his response was “double click.” I’d say that basically sums up this band, but I think that’d actually be a lie. Don’t get me wrong–terrible jokes and a ringing sense of idiocy is definitely half of what we’re all about, but the other half is arguably more important–the songs.

I started Museum Mouth in 2009 after tricking Graham into joining this “band” I had and learning a handful of rudimentary chord progressions I’d written on guitar (I’m TERRIBLE at guitar), funny enough this still happens now.
Honestly, not much has changed since founding, except we lost our old lead singer/bassist Savannah Levin in 2010 and picked up Kory. I […]

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