GARBAGEFEST 4: A Benefit for Food Not Bombs

GARBAGEFEST 4: A Benefit for Food Not Bombs

The Washington, D.C. chapter of the international organization Food Not Bombs invites you to attend our 3rd annual music festival & fundraiser, Garbagefest. Our organization promotes a vegan lifestyle and uses food recovery processes to provide healthy meals to anyone with hunger in their bellies. We believe that homeless and low-income folks, veterans, anyone struggling, and even tourists all have THE RIGHT to a healthy diet.

If you're a reader, here's our story.

The D.C. chapter provides prepared vegan meals and take-away produce to our community every Saturday at Franklin Square from 3pm-5pm. We receive food donations from local businesses and we regularly provide support to other local food-based charities in order to make this happen. We also try our best to support local groups and movements, from a student-led sit-in at Howard University to the Women's March on Washington. Donations made during this event not only represent our annual operating budget but also our desire to expand our services.


Abby Huston - made of gold

Cherry Ames - a sonic pigpile

BabeRage - your friendly neighborhood lo-fi alt-rock girl band

The OSYX - the urgency of a sunset in a post-apocalyptic world

The Greek Police - Garbagefest advisory committee

A MARC Train Home - dream punk

XK Scenario - prog hop

I Against Eye - utmost intense and extreme Metal


$15.00 - $20.00


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