Oscar Goldman, Mr. P Chill, Cleen, Sketch Tha Cataclysm, DJ Mo Niklz, David Ramos

Oscar Goldman

Oscar Goldman’s music can best be described as hip-hop with a splash of poetry. His album Six Finger Discount is two and a half years in the making. The Los Angeles native took to the hills of Sonora, CA and began his craft in 2003. What began as a hobby turned into a challenge to create something better than the status quo. Every word has a meaning and a place in his rhymes. His lyrical stylings evoke vivid images personal to him yet anyone will be able to relate. Oscar Goldman is a unique artist in style, sound, and subject matter which speaks volumes.

Mr. P Chill

Mr. P Chill is a solo emcee, songwriter and producer that has independently released 10 albums, performed hundreds of concerts, and fronts his live backing funk/soul band, Trunk of Funk. For over 20 years, the evolution of the rapper known as Mr. P Chill has had one constant: an almost perverse obsession with the art of emceeing and a profound embrace of “real hip hop.” To define what Mr. P Chill is today starts with eliminating what Mr. P Chill is not—which is best described as a rapper that fervently rejects contemporary trends for weak rhymes set to commercial beats. There’s no delusion of grandeur with Mr. P Chill. There’s no bling. There’s no gangsta posturing. There’s just the man that fell in love with rap during its “golden age” when it was about “two turntables and a microphone,” and maybe a well-worn pair of Adidas sneakers. However, Mr. P Chill is not stuck in a time warp. Just as comfortable in a traditional setting with a DJ as he is with a full instrumental band that adds new textures to his music, Mr. P Chill is simply an ambassador of real hip-hop music.

Mr. P Chill is based in Sacramento, California, where he has anchored a thriving underground scene that has garnered him 6 nominations for the city’s highest honor, the Sacramento News & Review’s SAMMIES Award for Outstanding Emcee. A frequent guest of stages throughout the United States, Chill has gained a loyal following from coast to coast.
Since 1992, there has rarely been a day when Mr. P Chill is not doing something related to his hip-hop career. If he’s not performing onstage, he’s busy in the studio, promoting shows and albums, or booking tours.

A decade or so ago, Mr. P Chill mattered because he was good. Today, he matters because he is a link to hip-hop’s glorious past when the music was designed to move the crowds and feed their minds.

Sketch Tha Cataclysm

Sketch tha cataclysm is the pen name of Waterbury, CT born MC/Producer/Poet Armando Acevedo II. Through 14 projects of artful indie hip-hop, he’s unleashed torrents of multi-syllabic introspection and emotional release over canvases of funk, rock, salsa, and more. Whether solo, backed by a dj, or a full band, the stage show is always a dynamic and full bodied experience seeking to connect and move audiences all around.

DJ Mo Niklz

Live audio video dj. Djs with music videos and edited videos in a turntablist style fashion. Spins mostly Hip Hop (90s and underground), Rock and Funk. Based out of CT

David Ramos

On his latest release Sento La Tua Mancanza, David Ramos is at war with impermanence. Falling somewhere between concept album and unrepressed journal entry, the album is David’s love letter to another dimension. It is a tale of completely falling apart and forgetting how to live in one’s absence.
It is the cartographer slowly charting his course out of hell and a hazy sketch of the images passing by. David’s straightforward lyrical approach on the record is accented by the production of German beatsmith Oskar Ohlson and Toca bandmate Tommy V. with instrumental accompaniment from Anonymous Inc. cohorts Ceschi and Max Heath. Ceschi also provides gorgeous backing vocals along with Lizzie Lee. As tongue-twisting raps seamlessly coexist with folksy harmonies, many tracks meander towards a playful, warm orchestration reminiscent of Yann Tiersenand recent WHY?, providing a hint of levity on a heavy album. David speaks of searching for an old birthday card containing his grandmother’s handwriting and clinging to the dwindling scent from her dresses left hanging in the closet. No topic is held too close to the chest in his cathartic sonic explorations. It takes a great deal of bravery to release the innermost layers of one’s being into the world, however painful and harrowing their hue, and it is something David Ramos does beautifully through the 14 tracks of Sento La Tua Mancanza.

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