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Phat A$tronaut

Phat A$tronaut is an organically grown, experimental soul ensemble from the funkier parts of a small state called Connecticut.
The band formed shortly after singer/songwriter, Chad Browne-Springer, and guitarist/musical director, Mark Lyon, met on a D'Angelo tribute gig.
Their sound consists of booty shaking rhythms and meticulously crafted arrangements with pop sensible songwriting at the forefront.
Phat A$tronaut acknowledges many influences, including Prince, Hendrix, D'Angelo, Erykah, Fela, Frank Ocean, Knower, Hiatus Kayote, and many more, while maintaining undeniable originality.
In just over a year of performing, Phat A$tronaut has become a high demand act on the local scene, and are starting to introduce their unique freakiness throughout the Tri-state area and New England.
Be sure to spread the word of Phat A$tronaut, and listen to our debut album 'The Fifth Dimension' which is available on all streaming services.

Jazz is the perfect vehicle to convey revolutionary sentiments and ideas for protest. Cordoba takes that ideal in their release Break the Locks Off Everything New, a jazz fusion calling for major societal changes.
Dæv Tremblay of Can This Even Be Called Music?

Cordoba is a jazz fusion sextet from Chicago. It was born at UChicago where the three founding members (Cam Cunningham, Brianna Tong, and Zach Upton-Davis) studied under Chicago composer and improviser, Mwata Bowden. From the beginning, the band has been interested in combining jazz improvisation with the contemporary sounds of hip-hop, soul, and rock. Cam won accolades for his compositional abilities while at UChicago, receiving the Menn Prize for best composition upon graduating.

The founding trio met as musicians but grew together as activists fighting for radical change. They all continue to organize in Chicago to build a city that works for everyone where housing, education, health care, and leisure are rights for everyone regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Acts of resistance permeate their lyrics and inspire their intense syncopations and modulations, evocative harmony, and soaring melodies. Cordoba takes cues from artists like Frank Zappa, Radiohead, and Esperanza Spalding who critic society while carving out their own unique sound.

After getting their feet wet with Rust in 2016, Cordoba released Consume Dream Break on May Day 2017 now with Khalyle Hagood on bass and Eric Novak on saxophone. Cordoba’s newest EP Break the Locks Off Everything New features colorful arrangements and soulful vocals clamoring for a new world. This record uses jazz to create a radical soundspace that confronts the problems of poverty, mass incarceration, gentrification, and isolation in their native Chicago. This feeling of deep dissatisfaction shows in Eric Novak’s visceral sax explosions, Brianna Tong’s smooth screams, and the bands collective improvisatory outbursts.

But this record has a hopeful side as well. Cordoba also imagines a new Chicago. A Chicago where people take back what is theirs and build new communities. The soaring horn melodies bleed optimism. The interaction between Brianna Tong’s vocal and Cam Cunningham’s guitar and the syncopated interplay between Khalyle Hagood’s bass and Zach Upton-Davis’s drums create a whole that is better than its individual parts. Break the Locks Off Everything New stays true to Cordoba’s jazz roots, but the sound in undeniable modern. And although filled with beautiful ensemble arrangements, the record still feels passionate and wild.

Cordoba supported this record with a tour in August 2018. They played shows throughout the South and the Midwest. They played to packed houses in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Bloomington, among other places. They plan to follow their most recent EP with LP due out in spring 2019.

Donnie Alexzander

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