The Blood of Gods Mythos:
The story of GWAR is carved across the history of this barren and hopeless planet, but
GWAR themselves are not of this world... their story begins in the deepest reaches of
outer space. Long ago, the beings who would become the rock band GWAR were part
of an elite fighting force, the Scumdogs of the Universe. For eons, they served as thralls
to a supreme being known only as the Master. But one by one, each future member of
the band earned a glaring reputation for being an intergalactic fuck-up. And so, they
were banished, sent away on a fool’s errand to conquer an insignificant shitball floating
in a dark corner of the universe; the planet Earth. Once here, GWAR shaped the face
of the globe, destroying and rebuilding the natural world, and giving rise to all of human
history. Aliens to some, gods and demons to others, our erstwhile Scumdogs fucked
apes to create the human race, and this fateful unplanned pregnancy would prove to be
truly disastrous!
Their new album, “The Blood of Gods” is nothing less than a sacred text chronicling the
rise of humanity against their makers, and the massive battle between GWAR and the
forces of all that is uptight and wrong with the world. Along the way, the band
challenges the sins of their great mistake, from politics, pollution, and organized religion,
to fast food, and factory farming. Humans are shown as what they are; a parasitical
disease that must be eradicated before they suck the planet dry.
Born of adversity,
“The Blood of Gods” is a sonic scar...a question asked and answered...Death cannot kill
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Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich is a Phoenix, Arizona based thrash metal band that formed in 1985. Singer/songwriter Phil Rind’s interest was in socially-conscious and political speed metal. After several records on Metal Blade, they signed to Hollywood Records for a short stint, but later returned to Metal Blade to continue their musical career. The band split in 2000, however they reformed again in 2006.

Former drummer Dave McClain went on to join Machine Head (3) in 1995. Lead guitarist Wiley Arnett went on to form The Human Condition with St. Madness vocalist Prophet in July of 2000.

In the summer of 2006, Wiley Arnett brought his recording equipment to his accountant's house in Arizona and produced the demo for the band A Tragic Comedy.

In 2007, the band reunited to play several shows in Europe, including Wacken Open Air. Since then, their groundbreaking debut and first EP have been re-released with extra unreleased material, titled “Surf Ignorance”. However, according to an interview with bassist/vocalist Phil Rind, there are no plans to record a new Sacred Reich album.

In 2009, the band’s second full length album "The American Way" was reissued by Displeased Records with added bonus tracks. The band again went to Europe in the Summer to tour some clubs and festivals.
Their live performance at Wacken Open Air 2009 is available on CD and DVD.

In 2010 the third album "Independent" was reissued, again by Displeased Records, with 3 EP's as bonus tracks.

Current Members
Phil Rind — vocals, bass (1985–2000, 2006-)
Wiley Arnett — lead guitar (1986–2000, 2006-)
Jason Rainey — rhythm guitar (1985–2000, 2007-)
Greg Hall — drums (1985–1991, 1996–2000, 2007-)

Former members
Dan Kelly — vocals (1985–1986)
Jeff Martinek — guitar (1985–1986)
Dave McClain — drums (1991–1995)

Official fan club
One Nation (11)

Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust is an American Thrash Metal band from Portland, formed in 1999 by Joel Grind.

Against The Grain

Living up to the title of their newest record, Against the Grain have proven themselves to be true warriors
of the road. Blazing through the US with their brand of gear-shifting balls-to-the-wall music that
incorporates all things heavy - ATG defies categorization as they seamlessly blur the lines of punk, rock,
doom and thrash.
With the release of their first self-titled full-length in 2009, ATG was an immediate hit - garnering an
intensive local fanbase playing 50 shows throughout Michigan. With their intense live show and energized
fanbase they were introduced to touring life by Hellmouth and The Meatmen, and began their
transformation into a fully-functioning road act. The boys in ATG have yet to look back.
After 75 dates in 2011, ATG followed up with 2012’s Motor City Speed Rock and 150 dates in support.
Their efforts caught the attention of Self-Destructo Records, who in 2013 released their 3rd full-length,
Surrounded By Snakes to such acclaim that they re-leased Motor City Speed Rock on 10” as well.
Maintaining a DIY tour ethic, ATG built a national fanbase with their bare hands - quenching the thirst for
fast and heavy rock and roll throughout the land. With 650 dates and counting since hitting the road in
2011, ATG has also toured alongside an impressive assemblage of notable acts including - Nashville
Pussy, Valient Thorr, Church of Misery, Guttermouth, The Meatmen, The Koffin Kats, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Bongzilla, Atomic Bitchwax, Night Demon, Black Cobra
Zoroaster, Hellmouth, The Hookers, Beast in the Field, Lo-Pan and shared the stage with Zeke, St. Vitus,
Orange Goblin, Electric Frankenstein, Agent Orange and many more.
ATG’s heavily anticipated 4th full length entitled Road Warriors is set to release on July 31st on Self-
Destructo, and is primed to stake the claim for this Motor City combo’s place in the world of all things rock
and roll.
Against the Grain is:
Chris Nowak - Bass/ Lead Vox
Rob Nowak - Drums, Back ups
Nick Bellomo - Lead guitar, back ups
Kyle Davis - Guitar, vox, touring



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