Purple Mountains

Purple Mountains

Believe it or not, it’s been over a decade since the Silver Jews decided to call it quits. With the exception of archival releases and reissues, there hasn’t been much activity from the band’s members in that time — that is until now.

David Berman has launched his first post-Silver Jews project today, as Stereogum points out. His group is called Purple Mountains, named after his blog, and they’re introducing themselves with debut single “All My Happiness is Gone”.

His first new music release since the Silver Jews’ Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea in 2008, the single is featured on a 12-inch. It was recorded at Jamdek in Chicago and comes alongside two additional remixes titled “All My Happiness is Wrong” and “All My Happiness is Long”. Song credits suggest the new band is rounded out by three members of the group Woods and Anna St. Louis.

Due out via longtime label Drag City, the 12-inch single is only available at record stores and, per an included message (seen below), will never be released digitally. The good news? The same message assures fans that a proper Purple Mountains album is on the way in a “couple months”:

“all my happiness is gone” is the debut 12″ single from purple mountains, featuring david at the height of his powers. let’s stop the world together, shall we? then check out the remixes. the full album is still a couple months away; until then, we’ve made this to bring people into your stores — so please don’t sell them online. sell them “they-o–a–they-o” instead. we want people in your store on non-rsd days too!


Herman Düne

Herman Dune is a Swedish-French act based in San Pedro, California, fronted by David Ivar who loves Townes Van Zandt and Lucinda Williams. After a 7 year break, a gold record in France, a #1 in Spain and several soundtracks for feature films, Herman Dune released 2 consecutive albums in 2018-19: “SWEET THURSDAY” and “SANTA CRUZ GOLD” on David Ivar’s own label, SANTA CRUZ RECORDS, with the hit single “LIFE ON THE RUN”

“Thirteen albums in, and you’d expect most artists to have settled on a winning formula. That’s not quite the case with David Ivar. Every Herman Dune album is recognizable as such, but each one approaches a distinct theme in a unique way. On Sweet Thursday Ivar tackles contemporary America from a personal standpoint, through the lens of literature and with an omnivorous knowledge of the history of music. Put like that it sounds dry, even academic, but Ivar’s wit and melodic sense ensures that it is nothing of the sort. In fact, Sweet Thursday is a work of genuine feeling from an old master of anti-folk who has extended and transcended the genre.”-Thomas Blake, FOLK RADIO UK

“Herman Dune’s the Leonard Cohen I know” –Jolie Holland



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