Bedon is the brainchild of songwriter Bedon Lancaster. With musical influences from growing up in both New Orleans, LA and Memphis, TN, Bedon began making music from a young age and began songwriting at the age ripe old age of fifteen.

Donning the extremely clever moniker “Bedon”, Bedon began writing for his first album In the Morning (Unreleased) during the summer of 2017 while working at a summer camp in Mentone, AL. In the winter of 2017, Bedon began recording in Nashville with producer Adam Lochemes (drummer of Arlie) and released his first hit single "Untitled" in early 2018.

Bedon released the long awaited “Mooky Blaylock” on May 31, 2019 and is going on tour August 2019. Catch him in a city near you.

He totaled the sedan on the way to see the band Hall & Oates.
Rockstar fantasy, took the rental van
onward to Brooklyn by the hair on his chin.
A Greenpoint apartment, windowless den,
chiseling music and channeling psych wards’
visions of darkness, prone to abuse it.
Fumbling forwards, serotonergic dilapidation meets
synthetic neurointoxication.



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