Lex The Lexicon Artist

Lex The Lexicon Artist

LEX the Lexicon Artist is Taipei-raised, Oakland-based entertainer Alex Sun Liu. Inspired by off-the-wall internet rappers, LEX combines frank storytelling, sharp commentary, and a comically huge ego to deliver her unique perspective of being a weird Asian nerd in America. LEX tells a variety of irreverent, relatable, and personal stories through rap by invoking hip-hop swagger, nerdy charisma, internet rapper antics, and unrestrained live show energy.

LEX has performed at concerts, festivals, and nerd conventions across the country, including Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and MAGWest in Santa Clara. She has played shows with national emcees in the nerdcore and alternative hip-hop scenes, including Mega Ran, MC Lars, Sammus, and mc chris. She also works to elevate the Asian Pacific Islander community by organizing and performing at musical events with an API cultural focus, such as the Asian American Music Conference, the Asian Heritage Street Celebration, and the United States of Asian America Festival. Most recently, she produced 'APICENTER: Making Waves', an Asian-American hip-hop concert sponsored by the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center of San Francisco, where she performed alongside Ruby Ibarra, Chow Mane, and Rudy Kalma.

LEX’s full-length debut album, “Raging Ego”, was released on June 6th, 2018.

Super Smack is on a mission to bring world peace through geeky hip-hop music. Fusing boom-bap, chiptune, trap, and jazz, Smack has earned the title “The Nintendo Switch of Rappers” for his vibrant style and knack for joy

Ashley Hamel

Ashley Hamel is an Indonesian American singer-songwriter, improv comedian, and wizard rockstar. She has played Harry Potter fan conferences, libraries, venues small and large, with a few international shows to boot. Her powerful vocals, engaging stage presence, and story-based (and sometimes hilarious) songwriting lend to Hamel's dynamic live show. A rising star in her local New England circuit, with a devoted following of nerds and art connoisseurs alike, Hamel is taking her sound to the global stage in 2018 with upcoming show dates in Southeast Asia.


Formerly 8bitdonut. DonutShoes is a bearded, beer-loving chiptune artist and aspiring instrument builder & game composer based in New England.

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