KNOCKED LOOSE - A Different Shade Of Blue Tour

Knocked Loose

Hometown: Oldham County, KY
Beatdown Hardcore band

Stick To Your Guns

Jesse Barnett - Vocals
Chris Rawson - Guitar
Josh James - Guitar
Andrew Rose - Bass
George Schmitz - Drums

Rotting Out

American hardcore / punk band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2007. Released two EP's with frontman Michael Craigs. Upon Craigs' departure in 2010, Walter Delgado (the band's bassist) stepped up to the mic to record two albums and a final EP with the band. In March 2015, shortly after the release of their first EP under the Pure Noise Records label, the band announced that they had broken up. Wanting to end things where they started, the band reformed for one final show in Los Angeles on 12.12.2015. Shortly after the lead vocalist finished his 1.5 year prison sentence, the band announced a reunion show during the Sound and Fury 2018 festival.


Five-piece metalcore band from San Diego, CA. Members of Rene Descartes, Vril, and Letters To Catalonia

$22 - $37


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