Buffalo Stack

Buffalo Stack

Songwriter/singer/producer/guitarist Andy Stack began his music career in New York City where, for over a decade, he found himself playing in every imaginable setting, cutting his teeth, honing his craft, and touring the world. A trip to the Hudson Valley inspired him to relocate and form his own band Buffalo Stack (named after his hometown of Buffalo, NY) and a recording studio Buffalo Stack Productions where he and his partner Adrien Reju nurture the talents of songwriters in the region. Buffalo Stack’s music is a modern blend of styles rooted in Americana and features some of the best players and singers in the Hudson Valley.

"Buffalo Stack is an easy band to like. The ensemble’s debut record is a mix of various styles, including rock, soul, country, and blues. Saying that, though, gives the music short shrift because in some ways it almost seems indefinable…the band is a cohesive unit…(Andy Stack's) guitar playing is never flashy, but it’s surprising, soulful, and always in the right place. ...he has an engaging, pure voice…here’s hoping the group will build up a strong enough following to be around a while and make more great music." - JOHN HEIDT, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Feb 2015

With slide blues guitar, gospel organ chords, New Orleans-style horns, and group harmonies, bluesy roots-rockers Buffalo Stack can’t help but recall Woodstock heroes the Band. In fact, it was at Levon Helm’s barn in Woodstock that Andy met bassist Brandon Morrison, drummer Lee Falco, and guitarist Connor Kennedy, the other musicians who would soon join them to become Buffalo Stack, who at their hardest hitting and blues-rockingest recall Black Keys or White Stripes. " - Helsinki Hudson

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