The Drugstore Gypsies

The Drugstore Gypsies

These guys might just be the most rock ‘ n’ roll rock ‘ n’ roll band in America.
In an industry beset by guarded calculation and repressive risk-avoidance, this band goes “all in” with every bet they make. Their infectious self-confidence permeates their music and fuels their road-hardened lifestyle. When they roll into your town you’ d best be prepared. They’ re the bull in the china shop. The hair of the dog. The storm after the calm.

They are…The Drugstore Gypsies.

Drawing on distinctively Southern influences like Blackberry Smoke, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and The Black Crowes, The Drugstore Gypsies also combine many of the sensibilities of worldwide riff rock heroes like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. You don’ t fly that flag in 2016 because of focus testing or market research. It’ s got to be who you are!

The Anna Maze

The Anna Maze is comprised of two core memebers, Anna Maze and Jim Licka (Umbra and the Volcan Siege) with a rotating cast of other musicians. This band is a refreshing mixture of dark indie country, and the blues; think Jonny Cash and June Carter, if they were from Chicago. The soulful vocals of Anna Maze combined with the haunting cries of Jim Licka are sure to leave you wanting more. The Anna Maze will be releasing their first EP in Early October.

With a heart filled with passion and a head full of stories Rob Moir delivers his most unique music to date. After five years of fronting the Toronto indie-punk band Dead Letter Dept. (Underground Operations/Universal Music), Rob embarks on his first solo venture as a performer.



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