Kate Yeager

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Kate Yeager is the girl-next-door with some edge. Her courage to be candid inspires all those who cross her path to follow suit. Upon hitting her first note, Kate immediately cultivates an intimate, inclusive environment. Her sincere, gritty vocals enable her to instantly connect with her listeners. Combining simplistic, catchy melodies with timeless, clever concepts, Kate has an uncanny ability to capture any audience with her compelling delivery of tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Her undeniable charisma has created a craze that can’t be ignored.

Annika Bennett

"New York born, ASCAP award winning singer-songwriter Annika Bennett wrote her first song at age 9 and hasn’t stopped since. At 18 years old, she dropped out of NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and moved to Nashville upon signing an artist development deal with Sony Records. After two years of label-booked co-writes, Bennett realized that her best songs were spawned out of solitude, prompting her to terminate the deal and become an independent artist in the most literal sense.

This boldness, bravery, and intuition is reflected in her lyrics, which dive headfirst into dark, complicated, and sometimes unflattering emotions. Her debut single “Boy Who Has Everything” is the first of a series of monthly singles that she recorded and co-produced with friends this past summer during the after hours at Studio G in Brooklyn."

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