Twin XL

Los Angeles trio Twin XL is the creative brainchild of songwriters and producers, Cameron Walker-Wright (vocals) and brothers Stephen Gomez (bass) and John Gomez (guitar). Walker-Wright is part of the synth-pop band Nekokat and the Gomez brothers rose to international fame in The Summer Set. Collectively, the three have written and produced for artists such as All Time Low, Lindsey Stirling and Life of Dillon, as well as having their music featured in commercials and trailers such as Disney's "Christopher Robin" and ABC's "Lucifer."

Though Walker-Wright and the Gomez brothers have been working as full-time writer/producers, a part of similar social circles and often ran into each other at random gigs across the country for years, it wasn't until early 2017 after another serendipitous meeting at a LA house party, that they decided to try a day in the studio together.

The synergy between the three was clear and Twin XL was born -- a perfect storm of the glistening retro synths, catchy bass-lines, memorable melodies and Walker's smooth vocal. The EP, entirely written and produced by the band, is a balanced dichotomy of bright and summery and dark and mysterious, fusing together an infectious anti-pop sound.

From top-class performing musicians each in their own right, writers, producers, friends, and now band mates, TwinXL are paving their way to the top turning a night out at a party into a nostalgic and distinctive musical sequel full of indelible anti-pop glory.

BREYER is an artist and producer from West Virginia, trailblazing his way out to the golden shores of California to pursue his music dreams. "WDYS?", his debut track dropping on August 3rd, features frequent collaborator, and fellow West Virginian, The Angellik.

Formed in 2018, Stray Fossa is an indie band comprised of brothers Nick and Will Evans and Zach Blount. Drawing on mixed musical inspiration absorbed from parents’ record collections, the trio got their start organizing regular free concerts in their hometown of Sewanee, Tennessee. After a six-year hiatus, their creative process has reemerged in the face of opposing artistic tastes yet shared obsession to make more sound than one would expect from a three-piece.

Stray Fossa’s first string of releases in the second half of 2018 garnered praise from notable music blogs and magazines, such as The Wild Honey Pie, Obscure Sound, HighClouds, and BIRP.FM. Described as “a warm cocoon of lo-fi chill-wave nostalgia” and a “heart-rending blend of garage rock and dream pop” with “consistently superb vocal deliveries throughout,” outlets were also quick to applaud the songwriting as well as home production and recording. Stray Fossa's third single, "Commotion," released in September 2018, received positive reviews as a "compelling, unconventional" take on shoegaze and was placed into heavy rotation on Spotify's Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Six Strings playlists. Following a successful stretch of shows up the east coast, the band released their fourth single, "Swells," in January 2019.

Stray Fossa writes, records, and produces all their music independently in their attic studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. The band’s first self-titled EP is out in September 2019. The single, “Eyze,” was released on July 1st to all major streaming platforms.



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