Slowfade, Middle School, Epic Order Band

Middle School is a Bronx based Rap Group.

Epic Order Band

"Music is the language of our souls - Epic Order! a five member band of extraordinary abilities. They have mastered their craft of no ordinary class. Their individual and unique style sets them apart. Bringing all of that individual uniqueness under one umbrella and EPIC
It feels like there's no oxygen when there's no music. It's in the wind, in every footstep and heartbeat, it's the note an engine is humming, it's a baby's cry, it's happiness, it can be found in everything, therefore music is life and because I'm alive that gives me the gift of life therefore having life; I have music. It's only natural for me to play an instrument or sing, and each person was born with the ability to allow themselves to be a channel or a conduit for music, because it's within us. As u would find joy in the birth of a child or marvel at the creation of a new life within a woman so should we birth music from within us and nurture it and let it grow remain as evidence of our contribution or former existence and just like children it becomes our Legacy. Music shall forever live."

$8.00 - $10.00

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