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Embracer is a three-piece outfit based out of Charleston, West Virginia. the band consists of Jordan Bradley, Dylan Costinteen, and Zakk Garcia. While Embracer officially formed in the Spring of 2011, the band has went through much metamorphosis since then. Bringing together a collective of dark, brooding, and ambient works. the group also strongly enforces substance and feeling in their music. Leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

In early 2013 the band began the writing process with a new lease on the bands overall direction. To completely free themselves of boundaries, and expectations set by typecasting music. "We write what we feel." said Jordan Bradley. The band is known for creating emotional, and somber pieces meant to evoke feeling. "We want you to feel our music, rather than just listen to it." commented Jordan. the collection of songs over the course of a year brought the band to it's next milestone, that would set the pace for Embracer's continued growth.

In November of 2014, Embracer released their debut EP entitled "My Father's Will". A five track record mixed, and mastered by Matt Malpass in Atlanta, Georgia. the EP is an emotionally moving, and personal work from start to finish. It is a brief, but raw look into Embracer and what is to come.


Aggressive Indie Rock / Richmond, VA. A combination of noises in hopes to connect to a beautiful humanity that doesn't always know how beautiful it is.

Short Term

Alternative Emo // Nashville, TN

Having Keepsake

Indie/Alternative from Richmond, VA


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