Sean Grant (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns, HBO's Maron)

The Story of Sean G
Sean G Grant was born in Miami, FL to a sixteen year old mother of Jamaican and English descent. Sean's biological father was not there to raise him but his step-father took the helm when he was a year old, and taught him the true meaning of manhood and responsibility.

Because his parents were frequently working to provide, much of Sean's time was spent with his 93 year old Great-Grandmother Daisy. "I get my comedy from her. Because of her age she is always in constant pain, yet she always finds the time to sing, laugh and get joy out of life."

While attending school, Sean learned to make friends by making people laugh. "I was a fat boy and I made friends by making fun of myself, overeating and doing whatever it took to keep the other kids laughing with me."

Sean's first time on stage was at the Improv in Coconut Grove. "Looking back, it was terrible. My timing was horrible and I was a sheltered 17 year old, so I had very little life experience to offer. But I knew I was addicted to the stage lights and one day, with hard work, I would be great."

After getting the hang of the comedy game for a few months, Sean was given the opportunity to perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. "I went to the audition and killed it. Everybody was laughing. But at show time, when I hit that stage I was overcome with a sense of fear mixed with the excitement of being on a legendary platform. Unfortunately, the audience could sense that I was overwhelmed and unready. They booed me before I could get out a full sentence. It lasted 30 seconds - the longest 30 seconds of my life. The worst part was when I left because the security guard would not let me leave through the back door. He said 'Naw little homie. Apollo tradition is when you get booed, you gotta leave through the crowd.' That was by far the lowest point in my career, but a learning experience nonetheless."

Sean went on to attend the Florida State University, where he studied Creative Writing, Theatre and Film. In addition to performing at campus events and local comedy clubs, Sean honed his skills by joining the Black Actors Guild and 30 in 60 Improv Troupe.

In 2008, Sean entered a competition that would propel him into the national spotlight for the first time in his career. "Someone told me that Jimmy Kimmel Live and ABC were looking for the Funniest College Student in America. I was getting pretty well known around my school for having great shows and I had been winning regional competitions throughout the state so I said, Why not give it a try?" Sean outshined over 2,000 contestants, earned the victory and became America's College Comedy Champion.

Sean continues to entertain audiences around the country today, both on stage and TV. Most recently, he landed a guest role on Tyler Perry's hit sitcom Meet the Browns, TBS' #1 rated TV show.

Sean understands that success is a journey, not a destination. "I have spent the majority of my career hustling, doing shows wherever I can. I've rocked houses with thousands of people and I've done shows for five people in a smokey bar. I've slept in ratty motels, been ducked by bookers for money and basically lived out of my car at times but its a great adventure. My goal is to keep having fun and make the world laugh a little more."



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