Briston Maroney says a lot with a little. With nothing more than a homemade EP and a few loosies to his name, he has identified himself as a leading voice for him and his peers. He calls Nashville home again after stints on both coasts – his music reflects this nomadic tendency. Pieces of his past are stitched together in songs; in one moment, his guitar tone is drenched in the Florida humidity, and on the next, his harmonies soar through the Laurel Canyon. His passion is always heart-on-sleeve but never off the rails, and on songs like “Freakin’ Out On the Interstate”, he knows when to get out of his own way and let the music speak. His next projects continue to expound on his storied past and hybrid of sounds. With songs recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, Briston’s telepathic musical relationship with producer Tone Def showcases his innate empathy and imagery as a songwriter and storyteller. Nashville is lucky to have him until his next home calls.

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