Travers Brothership

Songwriters. Singers. Multi-instrumentalists. Brothers. At only 25, twins Eric Travers and Kyle Travers have been writing songs and stunning live audiences for well over half their lifetime. Presenting a soulful, bluesy, taste of rock n’ roll spun in psychedelic jam, Travers Brothership; also including singer/bassist/songwriter, Josh Clark, and keyboardist/songwriter/percussionist, Ian McIsaac, create a fierce and balanced team, strengthened by the 12 years they’ve spent together on and off the road.

The band first met in 2007 on a school bus in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. Soon after the twins were invited by Josh and Ian to get off at their bus stop for a jam in a garage, little did they know this was history in the making. After numerous jams and a few lessons from Eric and Kyle’s father (and veteran touring musician) “Hurricane” Bob Travers, Travers Brothership was formed in 2012.

With over 400+ shows across the United States and Europe under their belts, the band has become a well oiled machine, performing alongside acts such as; Gov’t Mule, Taj Mahal, Moe., Kyle Hollingsworth Band, Blues Traveler, Charles Bradley, Leftover Salmon,The Marcus King Band, Dr. John, and many more.

Travers Brothership are consummate musicians and live music aficionados with a deep understanding of their preferred genres. Utilizing the band's unmatched live energy, they create a concert atmosphere that transforms an audience into a community and their enthusiasm, gusto, and talents carry the day. In 2018 Travers Brothership brought their instrumental prowess and tasteful songwriting to Echo Mountain Recording Studios in their hometown of Asheville, NC, where they recorded their latest album “Let The World Decide” adding to their already abundant catalogue and setting a new bar for the band musically.


Tavernier started in the spring of 2018 as a songwriting project for a couple of longtime friends. These three dads, who also happened to be professional songwriters, were mostly looking for a way to get out of the house every now and then and make a little noise. Micah Berry, Alex McCallum, and Matt Hulcher quickly found that their songwriting and sound were fast becoming a cohesive yet unique blend of Bluegrass, Singer/Songwriter, and Americana music. Everyone knows that the best way to make anything better is to add a thats what we did. Veteran bluegrasser Nick Smith stepped in with his multi-instrumental talents adding fiddle/mandolin/octave mandolin and guitar to the mix. We all knew that the trickiest part of this outfit was going to be the drums. The sound that was coming together needed someone as adept on percussion as they were behind a kit. A drummer who understood the need for space as much as the need for groove. As soon as Keith Cable locked into his first groove, everyone knew we had found exactly what we were looking for. What we ended up with is a band full of good friends who are all seasoned songwriters and professional studio musicians, tapping into something that feels fresh and fun. Since the beginning the songs have been flowing and the strings have been ringing. See you soon, planet earth! Tavernier will start performing live in the spring of 2019 with plans to release our first record in the fall. Keep an eye out for our first single "Closer To Nowhere" to be released before this Summer!

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