Roxie (formerly Roxie Watson)

Roxie Watson

Roxie Watson is a four-piece string band from Atlanta, Georgia that blends gorgeous vocal harmonies and stellar songs into live performances that will just as soon make you laugh as shed a tear. Their music combines elements of old country, rock-a-billy, bluegrass, gospel, and even a little touch of classic rock ‘n roll. Lisa Love of Georgia Music Magazine and the Georgia Music Foundation describes the band by saying, “When you have a group of women who are natural story-tellers, who sooth their aggressive musical chops with beautiful harmonies, temper their rock-n-roll sensibilities with an understanding of Appalachian tradition, and come off as a little bit Keith Richards, a little bit Bill Monroe, you get Roxie Watson.”
The group formed in 2007 as a just-for-kicks opportunity for long time friends to get together and play songs they love. But what started out as just porch settin’ and cover song playing evolved organically over the years, through the word-of-mouth support of an ever-growing group of loyal fans, into one of the finest original bands in the Southeast, regularly selling out storied songwriting venues from Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA to the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN. Each band member takes turns with the lead vocal and contributes to both song and arrangement ideas. From the firecracker guitar playing of Linda Bolley to the delicate mandolin of Beth Wheeler, the propulsive bass of Lenny Lasater, to the lap steel and button box swells of the harp and guitar rhythms of Becky Shaw, Roxie Watson weaves a rich sound.
Georgianne Nienaber of the Huffington Post summed up the essence of Roxie Watson when she wrote, “These women are more than proficient as musicians, have a warm way with a story, and a natural stage banter that comes from a long history of friendship and community. The stage morphs into a back porch, with the audience becoming honored guests in an intimate setting that is a heck of a lot of fun, heartwarming, and heart-rending when it needs to be.”

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