Oh Sleeper

Oh Sleeper

Rad dudes from Ft.Worth Texas.

Famous Last Words

Post-Hardcore band from Petoskey, MI, USA.


In todays watered down Americanized depictions of Christ and His Gospel, there have been a lot of misconceptions concerning what exactly worship even is. Worship, simply put, is your heart cry that emerges out when you are in the presence of God. Your response and your connection is worship. It is not a song. It is not even a sound.

So what makes us a worship band? And an aggressive one at that?

We are a band riddled with troubles and addictions. We are haunted by emotional and mental anchors. Simply put, we are not perfect. Nor are we close to being worthy of being associated with Christ and His love.

So when a band makes the statement of being a "Christian" or a "Worship" band such as us, we are instantaneously labeled hypocrites.

Hypocrisy is a mirror that humanity wakes up every morning and stares into.

Victory over our sin is not given by abiding by social and cultural religious law in hopes of reaping in an eternal reward. Not even close. Victory over sin is the mercy of God. Through Christ, our losses and flaws become gains and wisdom.

This is where our story begins.

The songs that come out of our hands and minds are not the prettiest. They aren't the most positive. These are our heart cries in times of conviction. They are poured out from our imperfections, our doubts, our angers and our fears. Our outlet is in song; Honest and abrasive song.

From our hearts, to your ears.

This is our worship. Aggressive worship.



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