Polly Panic

Polly Panic

Rising like smoke over the Appalachians, Polly Panic is creeping through the southeast with her uniquely dark and theatrical chamber rock.

Polly Panic has played over 100 cities in support of her two studio albums, including 2012's Fragment.

Forever riding the limitless gradations between joy and despair, all-consuming and irrevocable, Polly Panic brings a runaway freight train conducted by the sweet, southern voice of an angel to Gold Ship Records.

Sister Ex

Known for High energy performances , this Baltimore/DC
quartet wears a Spirit of '77 heart proudly on it's sleeve, with sly asides to the electric twang of Crazy Horse, glam and Gothic Post-Punk, fueled by the songcraft of Singer/guitarist Claudia Neuman.

The band's sound has been likened to a mashup of The Clash and the Patti Smith group with a hint of Gang of Four and the Buffalo Springfield.

In 2008, Sister Ex first released their raucous, high-tempo sonic assault to audiences in the DC/Baltimore region and recorded their self-titled debut in 2011.

Neuman, guitarist Anthony Piazza, bassist Jeff Weslowski and drummer Johnny Black are currently recording a followup scheduled for release in late 2012.



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