Ruby Haunt

Childhood friends, Ruby Haunt (fka Haunt) is an american musical project conceived by Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour sometime in 2015. The duo wrote their first three EPs while in school via opposite ends of the west coast (Los Angeles and Portland), exchanging musical ideas over email. In this time they received support from Nowness, Henrik Purienne, Vogue Italia, and various tastemaking YouTube channels for their unique songwriting and self-produced music videos.

Los Shadows a Surf Dream Pop band from Nasty City

Glass Spells, the energetic band from Southern California. Bringing their mosaic arrangement of funky bass lines, dance beats and piercing synths in tow with the inclusion of edgy female vocals.Originally from Calexico and now with members in San Diego CA.The band - Anthony Spells and Suz Gonzalez , along with Michael Rascon and Mallory Garcia formed late 2013 with their first release July 2014. Glass spells have won the attention of many by it's characteristic sound which incorporates several elements from post punk,disco and funk to create rhythms that will not get out of your head.

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