Wendy Eisenberg / Shane Parish Duo, Steve Marquette

Wendy Eisenberg / Shane Parish Duo

Three of the most distinct guitarists of their generation come together for an evening of solo, duo and trio improvisation.

Wendy Eisenberg and Shane Parish are two sides of the same wishbone. Both inventive, spiny guitarists with deep roots in all genres, both veterans of critically acclaimed experimental rock bands, both published in Arcana VIII: Musicians on Music, edited by John Zorn (2017). They only just met in March 2018, while Wendy was on tour in Asheville. Hours after meeting, they recorded Nervous Systems (Verses Records), a collection of radical standard-tuning guitar improvisations that explode the capacity of the instrument to accommodate fingers, pushing harmolodic boundaries, and displaying an uncanny psychic interplay that seems to evidence the fatefulness of this encounter. The music is confrontational and fluid, unapologetic and sensitive, contemporary, classical, polyrhythmic, folky, jazzy, shreddy, and punk as fuck. How fortuitous!

Steve Marquette

Steve Marquette is a guitarist, improviser and organizer based out of Chicago, IL. Over the past decade he has become an integral part of the city's storied and vibrant improvised music community, in ensembles of his own (The Few with Macie Stewart and Charlie Kirchen, Kobra Quartet, Instigation Orchestra) and as a member of Ken Vandermark's Marker among other projects. In addition to his work as a musician, he is also a founder and lead organizer of the Instigation Festival - which brings together music, movement and video artists from Chicago and New Orleans for a week of interdisciplinary collaboration in each city.

Using both acoustic and electric guitars, Marquette's solo music explores the intersections between free improvisation, folk traditions and the guitar as "sound box."



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