Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners)

Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners)

Born near Toronto, Canada in 1987 to a school teaching mother and entrepreneurial father, Chris Cresswell has been playing music and writing songs since before he was legal to drive, drink, vote and travel alone. His band, The Flatliners, have been a staple in the modern punk rock scene since their inception in 2002, and show no signs of relenting.

Surprisingly enough, Chris somehow found the time in his busy 2014 touring schedule to travel to San Francisco and record his debut solo album with Joey Cape of Lagwagon in the producer’s chair. The self-titled album was released digitally on One Week Records in May 2014, and finally on vinyl via Fat Wreck Chords in October 2014.

Over the last 4 years, Chris has taken his debut album on the road, sharing his songs and stories with singalong audiences in Canada, USA, Germany, France, England, Spain and Australia – all while still touring extensively with The Flatliners across the globe. In 2016 Chris was recruited to join the punk world’s acoustic ‘supergroup’ Scorpios, and to collaborate on an album alongside musical-heroes-turned-friends Joey Cape, Jon Snodgrass – of Drag the River & Armchair Martian – and Brian Wahlstrom. The album, “Scorpios II”, was released via One Week Records and Fat Wreck Chords in 2017 to much critical acclaim.

Chris Cresswell’s passion for music has been meaningfully rooted in him since he was a young boy, and is one that only deepens with every passing year and each new musical endeavour he sinks his teeth into. With 16 years of music making already behind him, the road will only continue for the 31-year-old songwriter. Forever honing his craft, you’re sure to see his musical evolution dutifully carry on.

Brian Wahlstrom

An American musician from New York who collaborates often with Joey Cape

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