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Edyta Górniak

In 1994 Edyta was the first Polish artist to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, with the song "To nie ja" ("That's Not Me"), which was also released in English as "Once In A Lifetime".

"To nie ja" proved to be her breakthrough in Poland, becoming there the biggest hit of the year 1994. Her first studio album "The Touch" released year later has moved half-million units only in Poland, bringing eponymous hit "Dotyk". In 1996 she signed a contract in London with EMI International for recording of five albums.

Edyta released her first English album "Edyta Gorniak" a year later, in association with the producer Chris Neil, responsible for international success of Celine Dion. Success of singles "When You Come Back To Me" and "One & One" let the album to make an impact with sales of half-million units.

In 2002 she was signed to Virgin in Germany. In 2003 album "Invisible" had international premiere. It was produced by team Absolute responsible for success of Spice Girls and containing club hit "Impossible".
In February 2006 she released club single "Sexuality". Then Edyta left idea of recording club music and began works on her new pop album. The first result was single "Loving You" from December 2006. Edyta's new album 'EKG' was released October, 12 2007.

To this day Edyta has sold over 1 million albums (Only in Poland), has won 38 awards, was featured on 120 magazine covers. The readers of "Maxim" magazine's internet site have voted her their most beautiful international cover girl.

Anna Wyszkoni

Polish pop and rock singer, composer and songwriter. In the years 1996-2010 she performed in popular Polish pop-rock band Łzy.
Currently she is focused on solo career, published 4 albums so far.

In 2010, Polish magazine "Machina" placed her on the list of "50 best Polish singers".



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