Broke Royals

Broke Royals

Broke Royals were recently crowned the "best band in DC" by Parklife DC. Over the last five years, they earned this title with their electrifying performances and signature blend of pop hooks and premium rock & roll.

On their triumphant new album, Saint Luxury, Broke Royals are calling everything into question through the eyes of a runaway angel. The album's fictional heroine, Saint Luxury, leaves heaven, fed up of having all the “answers,” in pursuit of a life of questions, luxury, and champagne. She re-examines the bias in inheritance and seeks to find what questions we should be asking. Saint Luxury is the perfect saint for these modern times.

Mystery Friends is a band rooted in the Washington, DC-music tradition while forging its own path forward. Since forming in 2016, the band finds its sound from a variety of influences, but they all fit together like a weird, wonderful puzzle. The band has been likened to Chvrches and Talking Heads, among others, but never looks to copy someone else’s sound. Combining powerful vocals, angular guitars, woozy synths, and a funky rhythm section, Mystery Friends makes moderately danceable rock music for a time when people need a reason to dance.



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