Brendan Abernathy and Zac Crook

Brendan Abernathy

“--"Maybe I should run along and join the rat race everybody my age never seems to win. But then again, I could list off the things I wanna do before I die until I’m dead so I guess I best run along and try."

Windows-down singer-songwriter pop artist Brendan Abernathy is defined by his contemplative verses and big choruses, giving a voice to a generation of buried dreamers, hopeful cynics, and rejected romantics.

Once fully immersed in what he calls “the rat race,” Brendan Abernathy chose to leave behind promising prospects in business and healthcare in favor of pursuing a career in music. The pressures of what makes sense and looks good to an outsider weighed heavily as he labored over a decision that really was being written into his life from outside his control. Trying to decide what to do with his life, he battled what most face -- Indecision. Nostalgia. Transition. Rejection. The things that haunt every decision, he gives voice to with intentional lyrics and big choral hooks. From the second row of a Taylor Swift concert he had the epiphany that he couldn’t “stand idly by and watch someone else live his dream.” Now, he pursues his purpose of helping others realize their dreams through creating and performing music.

Former frontman and manager of Athens, GA favorite rock band Light Brigade Brendan launched his reborn career with the release his first single, Story I Can't Write, in April of 2019. In a refreshing return to his natural tendencies to write raw lyrics with pop melodies, Brendan will be releasing a song a month for the next several months.--”

That’s my 3rd person bio, but if you’re here on my facebook page, you deserve to hear my voice -- raw and uncut. I’m here to make music about what we all go through -- crap, voices telling us to be something we don’t want to be, getting told no a heck of a lot more than yes, and some occasional moments of joy. These songs I’m releasing were written as I struggled with what to do with my life, so as you struggle with the same thing, I hope you can find rest, escape, and happiness in them.

My purpose manifests as helping other people realize their dreams. That’s my goal with the music. Live my dream. Help others live theirs.

Follow along with my journey and invite me into yours. I want to join you too.

Zac Crook

Zac Crook is a singer & songwriter living in Athens, Ga. He plays coffeehouses and bars sometimes. Some people seem to like his music.



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