Brother Band

Brother Band

Years of experience on the road and in the studio are strikingly evident in the effortless honed sound of Brother Band. Veterans of SXSW, Seryn, Shane Smith and The Saints, Steamboat Music Festival, and many other events and bands that start with the other 25 letters. Such as Paste Magazine, Chili Fest, ACL, CMJ Fest, and at least 200 more.

Brothers Nate and Tim Allen have joined forces bringing together a song writing prowess and road weary outlook available only to the most weathered road dogs. Brother Band combines blood harmonies with a sonic palette influenced as much by the strings of 1970s songwriters as the bite of modern country rock on their upcoming debut album. Their poignant banter and genuine love of song and craft shines through in their recordings and live performances.

Danny Leggett

hi. i’m danny. i’m from orlando, lived in nashville, and now residing in brooklyn. i hope you like the songs i sing for you.

$12.00 - $16.00


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