Yak Attack

Yak Attack will make you dance. Founded in Portland, OR in 2013, the live electronica quartet has been making waves in the local scene and expanding its fan base regionally in its short history. Rowan Cobb (bass), Dave Dernovsek (keys) and Devin Weston (drums) combine skilled playing with live looping and effects, resulting in expansive sonic terrain and heightened peaks well beyond the capabilities of most live trios. In 2015, the group added Nick Werth (percussion/xylosynth) to the Yak herd. Nick is a fantastic musician and human being who also performs as solo hip-hop/loop artist GALAXE, and has opened up a whole new dimension of sound and live performance elements for the band. Electronic and traditional genres including house, breakbeat, downtempo, jazz, and funk, tight compositions seamlessly blended with improvisation, and frequent contributions from guest musicians define a typical Yak show. The band released its first full-length album in 2015, "Real World Conditions", and will soon be bringing its unique mix of live chops, electronic techniques, and monkey noises to a venue near you.



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