SOFI TUKKER is the genre-defying duo of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern celebrated for their inclusive and global perspective on electronic music and their work's themes of liberation, unity, and self-empowerment. Their debut single "Drinkee" was nominated for a Best Dance Recording Grammy® which was followed by Best Dance/Electronic Album Grammy® nomination for their debut album Treehouse. SOFI TUKKER's music has charted on every continent other than Antarctica and in 2018 they had a top 20 hit on US pop, alternative, and dance radio with "Best Friend". The group has performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, CONAN, MTV's TRL, and Last Call with Carson Daly. SOFI TUKKER are also passionate activists who have raised funds and awareness for Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, and the March for Our Lives.

LP Giobbi is rock ’n roll with a disco soul, born draped in sequins and cloaked in fog at a seance in the mountains of Oregon.

She was trained in jazz piano at UC Berkeley before becoming a synth warrior goddess in Los Angeles. She uses her combined knowledge of music theory and sine wave creation to reach the enlightenment afforded by a clusterfuck of inclusivity. Her weapons are charisma, spunk, fearlessness, Pioneer decks, blacks and whites, DAW systems, fields of synthesizers, sequins, feathers and leopard print—and she's not afraid to use them.

She’s shared the stage with everyone from Gallant (providing support for Billboard’s Next Big Sound showcase) to Madame Gandhi (playing synth bass and DJing), and is currently touring with Sofi Tukker throughout Europe and North America, throwing down her self-produced Afro-Cuban infused piano house tracks with her Korg M1.

When she’s not chasing down pianos to play jazz gigs, or producing, engineering and music directing, you can find her DJing and booking shows for W Hotels as their Music Curator, providing a platform of visibility to woman-identified acts with her initiative, FEMMEHOUSE, at August Hall San Francisco, and releasing tracks on Sofi Tukker’s new label, Animal Talk (which she also co-owns). You can also jump tits first into her wardrobe with her GIOBBI line of shirts.

HAIKU HANDS are a new collective that have exploded into the music scene with a new single. The group has been around in the worlds of visual art and live performance, but now their frantic energy has been put into a banging track. Claire Nakazawa and Beatrice Lewis are the key forces behind Haiku Hands, with experiences working as vocalists for Urthboy, Mark Pritchard, Lapalux and Hermitude between them.

From the start this tune is solid, with a compressed bassline repeating under the rapping. The confident delivery of tongue in cheek rhymes is chanted by two strong voices, shamelessly doing it for themselves. As the track gains traction, more and more elements are added, a 4 to the floor beat and contrasting hats, and a synth pad mirroring the bass. All together these pieces create a feel good earworm that's bound to get dance floors pumping.

The dance rap style delivery is reminiscent of Le Tigre, with real messages dispersed among seemingly non-sensical lyrics. Packed full of fun rhymes and catchy phrases, Haiku Hands touch on themes of self empowerment and living for the day. The two voices rapping together make this track a fun romp and challenges the listener to learn the words and deliver them with just as much power.

This debut track from Haiku Hands is just the beginning, as more juicy tracks are in the pipeline made with the help of some of Australia's production elite. With names like Joelistics, El Gusto of Hermitude, Lewis Can Cut and Jaytee Hazard in the mix you know what Haiku Hands is going to bring next will be just as large as 'Not About You.'


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Sofi Tukker have partnered with PLUS1 so that $1 from every ticket sold will go to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans and their families that are affected by mental illness, as well as NAMI's local affiliates who provide in-person support services, information and advocacy in their communities.

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