Sunshine Deva and Shakti Yoga At The Colony

Sunshine Deva

Featuring Mark Karan (Ratdog/Grateful Dead Guitarist) and Wynne Paris (Kirtan pioneer). A Mantra Rock experience in association with Shakti Yoga

Aiko Aiko, Ram Ram ... Sunshine Deva is a new mantra rock band formed by Kirtan pioneer, Wynne Paris co-founder of the Lovelight Festival this June (co-founded with Michael Lang) and Ratdog/Grateful Dead family guitarist Mark Karan. Mixing Kirtan and mantra rock seems like a new thing, and doing it with a Grateful Dead/Jamband style is even fresher, maybe Sunshine Deva is tapping into a mythology that goes back to the Summer of Love. Sunshine Deva will be exploring that connection a bit more deeply, literally mashing up Grateful Dead songs and mantra chants. Whether it’s chanting Aiko Aiko, or Ram Ram, the goal is to bring the audience to a blissful space while singing from the heart and dancing in the streets. Hold on to your Mala’s folks, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

$15.00 - $40.00


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