Fire Letters, Dos Blanca Sellan, Mellodrone, Minivan

"Native of the tropical island of Puerto Rico (currently based in Massachusetts), Fire Letters gives form to music without focusing on a genre, distilling from their rich musical heritage and fusing their cultural roots seamlessly with contemporary musical styles. This amalgam is presented through unraveling melodies that evoke gypsy and ancestral vibes with pepped-up, catchy electronic percussion often accompanied by enthralling chants. Their soundscapes alternate from synth-driven to guitar-powered topped with eerie yet comforting, ethereal vocals. Drawing inspiration from the human psyche and the spiritual realm, the band ushers a galactic voyage through the intimate.

The duo has released an EP, three singles, played numerous shows on the island and Northeast US, and recently finished recording their first full-length album."

Dos Blanca Sellan

"DOS Blanca-Sellan is a NU Jazz duo that combines jazz harmonies with melodic sounds from rock. Joaquín Sellan, on
keyboards and loops, brings his jazz background and imprint to the group, which compliments the rocker style that
Esteban Blanca contributes with his drums and electronics.
The group formed in 2016, and from the beginning has invited the challenge of creating the sound and depth of a full
band while being only two musicians. On this journey, Joaquin and Esteban conceive the duo as a space of collective
composition, where both feel free to experiment with electronic and acoustic music, and to express themselves creatively.
The result: a unique sound achieved through improvisation and the use of different instruments, pedals and electronics,
and a repertoire of their original songs.
The mix of electronic (synths, loop pedals, effects, drum samples) and acoustic sounds (piano, rhodes and drums) is
their brand, and it is through this fusion that they build unique sonic landscapes with an array of influences from
funk, neo soul and even pop melodies, to jazz and drum and bass and beyond."

"Mellodrone is an avant-pop group formed by vocalist/keyboardist Laura Calderon and percussionist Ian Vidal. In the winter of 2017 they self-produced their eponymous EP, fusing a minimalist textural approach with conventional songwriting. After almost a year of experiments, they released the single “Send/Repeat” as a 7” split alongside experimental musician Toivo. During this time, they had amassed hours of archival recordings as well as newer home-studio sessions all of which would be sourced for their next effort. This record, titled Café Fluxus, was finally released on February 28 2019 via Hypnophone Records. The band is currently writing new music and are working on updating their home-studio.

Minivan is the electropop drag persona of Ron Shalom (NYC). Performances entail seven character transformations using live-controlled custom lights, costume, advertisements, and instructional dance.


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